Water Lily


The first buttons I made were bigger - They are all in the zip file - choose your favorite size.


Bars were my downfall with this set! The background water lily came from a jpg on my PhotoImpact CD. The others came from a real lily pad in "Lily Lake" (believe it or not) via my scanner! I had already made the background and had been trying to make a single lily pad by drawing it myself. It wasn't working, so I went fishing. I'm embarassed to say it happened completely by accident - I hadn't even thought of getting a real lily pad! (No, I didn't catch any fish.) The font used is "Monotype Corsiva."

There are two full sets of buttons in the zip file - two sizes of: Home, Next, Back, Links, Email, Sign, View, Guestbook and blank.

Download the set in a zip file



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