Ah, January! If that isn't enough, my modem is broken. I needed a little sunshine! It actually did make me feel better. I could almost make smiley faces - I'd better be careful! This font (Vertical Script) even cheers me up. Hope it works for you! Let the sun shine in - always!!! (Let it shine out, too!) :)

In support of a most important cause, I'm including a "Stop the Hate" graphic with every new set. If you use it, please link it back to:


If you are using an older set and would like a graphic to match it, just let me know. Thanks!

p.s. There are hundreds of wonderful "Stop the Hate" graphics on this site that you can choose from, also!

Stop the hate


Font: Vertical Script
Background: #FFFFCC
Text: #CC6633

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Please write me a note if you use these graphics - I would like to see your page!


If you use the graphics on this page, please provide a link back to this site with this image or one from the help page or the zip file. Thanks!


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