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Hey look! It's the old main page border! You didn't think I would just trash it, did you? This is my "miscellaneous stuff" page. Please take a minute to read the terms of use. Check out the Help page for logo buttons and linking instructions - you'll also find help for setting up a page with a border or fixed background.



The graphics on these pages are "linkware" - free for personal use in exchange for a link on the page where the graphics are used. Please email me with your URL so I can have a look! These graphics may not be altered, included in any collection or used for commercial purposes. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or need help with adding text, or whatever! Please don't hesitate to ask!



I'm not going to give you a huge list of graphics sites, because many people have done an excellent job of that already. A good place to start is the Graphics Ring or FreeGraphics. You can also try the Graphics Ring Search Engine below. Here are a few places that are either good resources, or just fun to visit.

The Web Developer's Virtual Library - This is an incredible resource if you're building a web page. Besides links to other resources, there are articles and tutorials on anything you can think of. How am I supposed to get anything else done?
- Huge list of resources for graphics and other web stuff. (I finally got a "WOW")
Background Border Set of the Day - Features a different border background set every day, from all over the web. This background was the "set of the day" sometime in June, 1998. This hasn't been updated for a while. Does anyone know what's up? (I worry about these things - Barbara is a very nice lady with the same birthday as me!)
Freecenter - Lots of free resources for websites - well organized and most of them rated
APS Webgraphics
- Javascripts (the basis for all my menus) - Graphics tips and tutorials
Bunkers Links to Resources for Webmasters
- Just what it says
Great Outdoor Recreation Page - Very cool starting place for outdoor stuff
Internet Movie Database
- We've settled a lot of arguements with this site and the next two!
CDDB CDdatabase
- Who did that song?
International Lyrics Server - and how did it go?
Ulead - PhotoImpact - Try it out - it's awesome
Maria's Place - A very nice place to visit!
Web Graphics on a Budget - Great Paint Shop Pro Tutorials - You can download them in an Acrobat reader file. Very convenient!
ZD Net - Everything is here - you can get lost for a LONG time
The Hood, Paintshop Pro 5 Digital Art Gallery - Great PSP5 tutorials for the beginner (trust me :) ) Plus a really cool art gallery!


I enjoy checking out the "free sites." They'll tell you where to find counters, free web hosting, javascripts, cgi hosting, graphics - anything you need for your website. You can also find links to HTML help and free coupons and samples for "life beyond the web." :) Here are some good ones:

The Free Site! Freaky Freddie's FreeCenter



Please visit this site and consider supporting a very important cause! You will find hundreds of graphics there to show your support. If you are using graphics from Dreamcatcher Graphics and would like a matching "Stop the Hate" button, just let me know.

Stop the Hate


What about me?

I'm addicted to the computer. I can't remember what in the world I did before I got this thing last October. Sometime during the winter (Wisconsin style), I discovered "graphics," and I haven't been able to stop since. I love fishing, music, dancing, the Cubs, reading, playing the piano, the Packers, baking, making dreamcatchers, taking pictures and collecting junk. (I call it rummaging). I hate cleaning. Why does this sound like a personal ad?

I've lived in Wisconsin, Nevada, Connecticut, South Carolina, Nevada and Wisconsin again. (Nevada is where I grew up and spent most of my life.)

At one time or another I have been a textile lab technician, mortgage loan processor, secretary, darned good phlebotomist (are you gonna look that one up?), Radio Shack clerk, medical assistant, typesetter and a few other things I can't seem to remember. Currently, all I do is sit at this computer or fish. (If I had a laptop . . . hmm. So if anybody is looking for me, here I am!

What I would like to do: (Now, this is more fun!) Play the guitar, work at home, be a professional fisherman, own a radio station, learn to scuba dive and wind surf, go someplace warm in the winter, have a cabin in the woods, make "twig furniture," get a new lens for my camera and take pictures everywhere, win the lottery . . .

Wish List:
I wish people would be nicer to each other. I wish winter were shorter. I wish fewer people had all "the answers." I wish fish would grow faster and be hungry more often. I wish revenge wasn't presumed to be "sweet."

My favorite "Simpsons" line - from Mrs. Flanders - "I've been at bible camp learning to be more judgemental." 'Nuff said?

If you have actually gotten this far, please take a minute to go read "The Invitation" written by Oriah Mountain Dreamer (not by me!!!). It's one of the most awesome things I've ever read. The difference between the phrases "about me" and "who I am." (You might find a few other things to read while you're there.)

I love quotes. Here are a few!

Random Quotes Java Script by Brandon Checketts at Microbits
(The Microbits link doesn't work anymore - haven't found a new one, and I did email him!)

Click here to visit my first site. (Opens a new window) There isn't a whole lot here - it won't take you long :). A couple of my dreamcatchers, two nice desktop themes I made and a picture of my big fish!

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