Welcome to the "bare bones" background pages. I have tried to make this area easy to navigate, so if you have any problems, please let me know. Click on a button above to choose a category or page or use the drop down box above left to go to wallpaper, buttons, etc. Select "Backgrounds" in the drop down box to get back to this page. If the thumbnails in the left frame didn't finish loading, right click in that frame and choose "refresh."

DON'T SAVE THE THUMBNAILS! They've been squished - they don't look as good as the full background. Just click on a thumbnail to see the background tiled in this window. Right click to "save background as." If you save the thumbnail, you won't get the same effect.

I finally got these reorganized and added quite a few new ones. It was such a big job that I've added a "New Stuff" category for future use! I've done my best to categorize them, but it isn't easy!!! Actually you will find textures everywhere, but if they also have a definite pattern, they are probably in the patterns category.

You'll find some bizarre backgrounds in the Wild! section! If you use them on a web page you'll need to use big, bold type or put the text in a table with a plain background. They work great as desktop wallpaper, too.

You can find logo buttons for a link to Dreamcatcher Graphics on the Help page or the Potpourri page. Be sure to check out the background sets in "Ensembles." Thanks for visiting!

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