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fractal 38

Fractals - I just discovered them and they are absolutely fascinating. (I was inspired by a nice person named Pat who is using some of my graphics on her Fractal Wanderings pages. Go visit her, too!) I don't pretend to be an expert, or even to know what I'm doing! For me it's a 'hit or miss' surprise every time! Maybe that's what's such fun.:) I think that fractals are a very personal thing - there doesn't seem to be a right or wrong, good or bad - it's the response it evokes, which of course is different for everyone. To me, they seem to draw you right into the image. Cool.

These were all made with Flarium24 or Sterling. The only embellishments in PhotoImpact were to make the vertical edges seamless or an occasional "sharpen" or "color tuning." (They lose something when you make them small enough for a border.)

I decided for now not to use thumbnails. They really don't look good unless they are a pretty hefty size. I personally think it's more fun to just click "next" and see what pops up on the screen! Once you hit the road you can just keep going til you get back here, and there is a link to this page on every fractal page if you want to bail out. (But please be sure to see #50 - it's my favorite . . and 38, and 6, and 15 . . . well, you could check out all of them!)

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