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This is a page of text links to all of the background sets. If you go to the Ensembles '?' page at the top of each list you will find a thumbnail of each set. The thumbnails don't do them justice, but they'll give you an idea what each set is like. The "Ensembles Menu" links on each set page will bring you back here.

Most of the sets don't show all the buttons on the page. This is simply to save "page loading" time. Each set has a zip file of all the elements so you don't have to save each one individually. If you have any problems or would like another button or heading that isn't in the set, just let me know. :)

All of the borders after Ensembles 1 are 1600 pixels wide so that those lucky people with huge monitors can see your page without the border tiling itself!

To set up your page without the text running over the border check out the Help page. If you're using any of the graphics on this site, you can add your own listing to the "Dreamers" page. All you have to do is put in the name of the page and the URL and submit it. If you have any problems, just email me and I can add it. (I'd appreciate an email or guestbook entry anyway, if you have a minute.) Thanks!

PLEASE don't forget to put your link on the SAME PAGE where you use the graphics. It's called "giving credit where credit is due." If you want to put your link buttons on a separate page, at least put a text link at the bottom of each page to identify where the graphics came from. Thanks!


Ensembles 9 Ensembles 8     Ensembles 6   Ensembles 5
Grape Fred   Design 6   Design 2   Sand
Design 9   Woodwork   Design 4   Design 1
Design 11   Winter Woods   Design 5   Moons
Pyramids   Aquamarine   Clouds   Window
Bark   Old Gold   Flower 1   Deer
Celtic Silver   Sunflower   Chapel   HeavyMetal
Piano   Butterfly   Berries   Purple Rain
Drawers   Egg   Oak   Design 3

Ensembles 4   Ensembles 3   Ensembles 2   Ensembles 1
Dragon   Feathers   Falls   Diamonds
Swan   Chocolate   Waterlily   Blueleaf
Wolf   GreenGlass   Swirls   Fruit
Jade   Grillwork   Tribal   Guardian
Dragon 2   GrapeGold   Multi   Isis 1
Rose 1   Blue   Cardinal   Isis 2
Rose 2   SpiritWolf   Lighthouse   Lilies
FallFlowers   ShapeShifter   Chipmunk   Greenleaf

Christmas Borders
Pine Needles

Valentines Spring Fall Holidays
Valentines 1 Easter 1 Halloween 1
Valentines 2 Egg* Thanksgiving 1
Valentines 3 Butterfly* Thanksgiving 2
Valentines 4 Sunflower* Thanksgiving 3
Valentines 5 Tulip
Valentines 6
Valentines 7
Valentines 8

*These sets are in Ensembles 6 - but deserve to be in Spring also!

Fractal Borders

Help Page

PLEASE consider supporting the "Stop the Hate" campaign. Starting with Ensembles 7, I'm going to include a matching logo for this campaign in each set. If you use it on your page, please link it to:


Stop the Hate

Please visit the site and email them to be added to the list of supporters. While you're there, you'll also find many, many wonderful logos to choose from. Grab a few!

Please feel free to use any of the graphics except those I use on these pages. I would really appreciate a link and an e-mail so I can see your page! You can use one of these images or the graphic that matches the set you're using. None of the graphics may be altered in any way or used in any collection. For use on a commercial page, please e-mail me.
Dreamcatcher Graphics


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